Gen2 Group consists of Gen2 Enterprise Software and Gen2 Enterprise Services, official resellers and implementation consultants for the following products:

  • Changepoint Project Portfolio Management (Daptiv)

  • Changepoint Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

  • Changepoint Enterprise Architecture Management (barometerIT)

  • Changepoint Services Automation

  • Magiq Performance

  • MagiQ Strategic Planning

  • MagiQ Document Management

  • Computron Enterprise Financial Software

  • TrendLight Web-based Financial and Cost Management

Best of Breed Cloud Based Productivity Solutions

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Cloud Computing

The Software as a Service (SAAS) Cloud computing products sold and implemented by Gen2 Group allows our clients on-demand availability of computer system resources,  without direct active management by the user.


  • Pay as you go (Subscription Licensing)

  • Focus on business rather than IT

  • Elasticity - Scale up and down based on business need

Cloud Security

The cloud security policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilised by the SAAS cloud products sold and implemented by Gen2 Group, protects the virtualised IP, data, applications, services, and associated infrastructure of our clients  acts as a sub-domain of on-site computer security, network security, and, more broadly, information security.

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)

The culmination of cloud computing and mobile computing with the products Gen2 Group sells, brings rich computational resources to our mobile users. The  ultimate goal of the SAAS Cloud products that we sell and implement is to enable the execution of rich mobile applications on mobile devices, creating an enhanced user experience for our clients.

Focused Productivity Solutions

Helping you find the right solutions.

Selecting the right partner and business solution is an ongoing process. Business changes and your business solutions need to change with them.