Purpose-Built Portfolio Management Solutions

Connecting Strategic Planning to Execution

CHANGEPOINT Project Portfolio Management (PPM) - SAAS

Changepoint PPM is a highly configurable SAAS application for managing projects and portfolios from start to finish. Gain control around planning, adapting and delivering the right projects.

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CHANGEPOINT Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) - SAAS

Changepoint SPM combines product portfolio management with powerful, agile planning tools. Collaborate with key stakeholders to prioritize, visualize, and track key initiatives based on business strategy and resource constraints. 

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CHANGEPOINT Enterprise Architecture Management (barometerIT)

Changepoint EAM is a simple, social, and smart platform that creates a real-time visual map of your enterprise. Refine your digital transformation initiatives by understanding impacts, dependencies, and the complexity of relationships across your business—because knowing what you have and what you do enhances your ability to deliver on digital business strategies.

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CHANGEPOINT Services Automation (Changepoint SA) 

Changepoint's SA software provides real-time visibility into financials, resources, and engagements for increased productivity and greater profitability. 

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