GEN2 Enterprise Services SA has invested locally and has developed specific solutions to be used in the public sector in South Africa, through our extensive experience in public sector financial management, procurement and business planning and budgeting.

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Planning Budgeting & Reporting

SMART PMS supports and facilitates the planning, budgeting and reporting across all spheres of government.


Planning Tools

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Activity-Based Costing


Activity-based costing is an approach to costing and monitoring activities which involves tracking resource use and costing final outputs. Resources are assigned to activities, with the cost of the activities based on their estimated performance.

SMART PMS promotes activity-based costing at the operational planning level and the costs of the activities are aggregated up to sub-programmes and outputs.

Project Management


A project is a single intervention directed to attaining institutional priorities, with a fixed time schedule and a dedicated budget.

The Project Management tool facilitates the planning of projects, budgets, timelines and related costed activities and inputs, including the outputs to which they contribute.

SMART Indicators


SMART is an acronym used to define a set of criteria for selecting performance targets: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Relevant; Time-bound.

The SMART Indicator tool assists organisations to assess their indicators and related targets in terms of the SMART principles as well as across several other criteria in order to develop meaningful indicators.

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